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3 min.

Natasha Drake, July 8th 2021

3 min.

Natasha Drake, July 8th 2021

How to seize the day with the Einova Valet Tray

Welcome to the first dispatch from TikTek, a space where we talk clearly (and maybe a little irreverently 😜) about the technology behind our favorite devices.

Today is all about the Einova Valet Tray.

At first glance the Valet Tray looks like a simple container, a place to stash small accessories and nothing more. Look closer, though, and you’ll find a superpower: a fast 10W Qi-certified wireless charging spot for effortlessly topping up your phone, AirPods, or any other Qi device.

But let’s back up a bit. What is wireless charging, anyway?

The quick-and-dirty on wireless charging

Wireless charging for beginners:

1. Place your phone, face up, on a wireless charging pad.
2. Center your phone on the charging pad’s “sweet spot,” usually indicated by a symbol of some kind.
3. ...Magic? Your phone’s battery icon lights up. Somehow your phone is charging, even though it’s not connected by a cable to anything.

Valet Tray Tik Tek

Seriously though, you can thank the principle of electromagnetic induction.

Wireless charging is a bit of a love story, a love story between two copper coils. One of the coils (the receiving coil) is inside your phone. 1 The other (the transmitting coil) is embedded in your wireless charger. (Standard wireless chargers have just a single wireless charging coil. The Einova Valet Tray has not one or two, but three coils thanks to a triple coil alignment system. But we’ll get to that later.)

Much simplified, this is what’s going on:

When a wireless charger is connected to wall power, electricity courses through its transmitting coil. The coil creates an electromagnetic field, converting the electric current into magnetic waves.

When the receiving coil is within this field — i.e., the two coils are aligned and you found the “sweet spot”), it converts those magnetic waves back into an electric current. Finally, after a little more conversion, that electric current is sent to the battery of the receiving device.

Voilà! And that’s how your little battery icon transforms from red to green, no cables needed.

1 Most recent phones are natively wireless charging compatible. If you’re not sure, check if your phone is listed here.

Hello, calm mornings!

We’re now clear on what’s going on with wireless charging. But maybe you’re not convinced by the idea of an accessories tray with a built-in wireless charging spot.

Think about it. When was the last time you were rushing to get out the door... only to realize your keys (or phone, or wallet) were missing? Did you have to enlist the whole family in a search-and-rescue operation? And (gulp) did your partner give you the stink eye for losing your stuff again?

Everyday forgetfulness is exactly why a personal accessories organizer like the Valet Tray is so darn useful. (There could be other explanations for MIA pocket carry. A very selective black hole. A ripple in the time-space continuum. Aliens.... Hey! Don’t rule them out. Even the Pentagon remains officially agnostic. 👽)

In place of the usual frantic morning routine, imagine this:

You’re standing at your front door. Your keys, sunglasses, and wallet are all together in the Valet Tray, everything you need in sight. And where is your phone? Why, it’s also right there — and it’s getting charged! You feel calm, prepared. You’re ready for any adventure the day may bring.

Ahhhhh. It’s a satisfying feeling, right? No clutter, no dead batteries. Marie Kondo would be proud.

Easy, easy, easy alignment

The Valet Tray’s knack for simple, effective organization isn’t only the reason it will spark joy. It’s also a sleek design object in it’s own right, available in a variety of modern colors that fit any style.

A smartly designed and convenient accessories tray: so far, so good! But the Einova Valet also has a built-in wireless charging spot. As you know, wireless charging only can start when your phone is properly aligned with that aforementioned “sweet spot.” Charging simply won’t work. It’s a common cause for frustration.

“"Excellent! ...the tray is a nice way to keep all of my pocket items in one place and charge my iPhone wirelessly at the same time..”

Valet Tray Tik Tek
Intervista Igor

Get ready for a second ahhh of satisfaction, because the Valet Tray features an intuitive alignment system. The Valet Tray has not one, not two, but three coils embedded inside. Triple the positioning freedom! On the left side of the tray you'll find a rectangular-shaped relief that leaves no doubt for where and how your phone should be set.

Moreover, there’s a useful visual indicator. On the right side you’ll find an LED light that lights up whenever the Valet Tray is actively delivering power to your device. Say goodbye to second-guessing whether your phone is charging and just look for the little pinhole of light on the Valet Tray’s right-hand side.

And speaking of charging: the Valet Tray is delivering fast wireless charging power that’s Qi certified, a certification that means that you can rest assured that your device will always recharge safely. And even more, there’s a bonus USB-A port along the side for a second device like your Apple Watch charging puck, or a second smartphone.

Carpe diem

With the Einova Valet Tray, charging is fast, safe, comfortable and organized. When you come home for the day, unload your most important personal items together into the tray and set down your phone to get juiced up.

And when it’s time to leave the house, your accessories and fully-charged phone are right where you left them. No more need to blame E.T. for feeling otherwise. 🛸

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