100W Fast Charging USB-C Cable


With a 20V 5A charging speed able to support USB power delivery up to 100W, this USB-C to USB-C 6ft braided cable is what you need to charge all your USB-C electronic devices faster than ever. The cable contains an USB electronically marked chip (USB e-Marker) that ensures maximum performances allowing for charging at maximum speed. Thanks to USB 2.0 it can also transfer data at high speed.

USB-C to USB-C 6ft braided cable

There’s no need to worry about slow power transfer anymore. Enjoy charging your devices at the highest speed by matching this cable with Eggtronic® Sirius 65W Universal Charger!


  • FAST CHARGING SPEED: charging speed up to 20V 5A supporting USB power delivery up to 100W.
  • USB 2.0 HIGH SPEED DATA TRANSFER: the cable transfers data at 480 Mbps thanks to USB 2.0 standard for data transfer.
  • BUILT-IN E-MARK CHIPSET: the cable contains an electronically marked chipset (e-Marker) that supports USB power delivery (PD) and provides a current protection for laptops and smartphones. This E-Marker smart chip automatically adjusts current, fast charging all your USB-C devices.
  • REVERSIBLE DESIGN: both end USB-C cable connectors are fully reversible and omnidirectional. Easy to plug, you don’t need to worry about plugging it in upside down since there is no wrong way to plug in a USB-C cable.
  • FLEXIBLE AND DURABLE: this USB-C cable ensures long-lasting performance thanks to its durable and flexible design.
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: this USB-C cable is compatible with all USB-C devices, including laptops, tablets, smartphones, action cameras, drones, Bluetooth speakers and more.
  • USB-IF CERTIFIED: this USB-C cable passed all international safety and functionality standards and is now USB-IF certified ensuring a high level of safety.


  • USB-C to USB-C cable (6ft) with USB 2.0
  • Output: USB Type-C Power Delivery 20V 5A, max 100W
  • USB-IF Certified
  • Finishing: black braided

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