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The future of technology is ultra-efficient.


The future of technology is ultra-efficient.

EcoVoltas and Sirius 65W

In 2017 Einova launched Sirius 65W, a 65W GaN power adapter for USB-C devices, in the US. While concentrating more power in smaller dimensions was then GaN’s main benefit, gallium nitride transistors — the new heirs to silicon — also allowed for better performance in terms of energy efficiency.

Universal, compact and energy-efficient.

Sirius 65W smashed all the records for size at the time: at only 75 x 50 x 24 mm, it was the smallest 65W power adapter on the market. How? Thanks to EcoVoltas, the revolutionary power conversion architecture designed by Eggtronic and the crossroads of over 200 international patents. This new electronic design for power circuits translates not only into Sirius 65W’s compact dimensions, but into a power density equivalent to 15.5W/in³ and a peak energy efficiency of 93%. Sirius has been available on the European market since 2020.

Energy Efficiency


EcoVoltas means efficiency and sustainability

Since 2017 the Eggtronic R&D department has been working continuously to perfect EcoVoltas, meeting market needs and making power conversion even more sustainable and efficient.
QuarEgg, one of three applications of EcoVoltas technology, was created for optimized power delivery to small everyday electronic devices like power banks, laptop chargers and smart speakers (<100W)




What sets this architecture apart?

The system of energy conversion called Zero Voltage Switching, a step forward from traditional quasi-resonant architectures1 Standby power consumption mode is almost halved while energy efficiency reaches peaks of 94% and remains elevated under any load condition2.

1 In quasi-resonant electronic architectures, transistor turn-on transitions — called switchings — are subjected to high energy losses due to the simultaneous occurrence of voltage and current. This results in lower energy efficiency. With Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS) technology, the switching occurs at zero voltage. Since there is no longer any overlap between voltage and current, energy losses are dramatically reduced and energy efficiency increases significantly.

2 Load here refers to any component of an electrical circuit that consumes electric power. The type of load (computer, smartphone, TV, etc) affects power absorption, and thus the energy that the power adapter can provide to the device in a given unit of time.

EcoVoltas means energy conservation

This graph shows the energy efficiency curve of QuarEgg compared to that of the old quasi-resonant technology under different load conditions. But for those unfamiliar with electronic circuits and power conversion, what does this data actually mean? Energy savings equivalent to 590 million trees planted over 10 years.
Our engineers calculated that charging all modern LED TVs with QuarEgg technology would save about 50TWh of energy a year, for a total of 35 million fewer tons of CO2 in the atmosphere — to put it in perspective, the equivalent amount that the entire state of Nevada every year3.

3 List of U.S. states and territories by carbon dioxide emissions,

Saving energy is a matter of daily choices. Make the right choice with EcoVoltas.

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