Invisa-Qi Integrated Wireless Charger


Invisa-Qi is the innovative and powerful wireless charging module developed by Einova. Forget the cables and turn any piece of furniture into a wireless charging spot for smartphone! Charge your phone by simply laying it down on the wireless charger, installed in any piece of furniture. Invisa-Qi is installed under the surface, preserving the aesthetics of the top.

Invisa-Qi | Invisa-Qi Pro | Invisa-Qi + Installation Kit | Invisa-Qi Pro + Installation Kit

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invisa qi einova

Integrated Wireless Charger

Invisa-Qi and Invisa-Qi Pro are powerful and compact concealed wireless chargers,
designed to be embedded in tables, desks, nightstands, sofa’s, recliners and more, ensuring top charging performances.
Forget the cables and transform any surface into a wireless charging spot for smartphones.

invisa qi einova

Fast Wireless Charging

Eggtronic's Invisa-Qi and Invisa-Qi PRO are designed to enhance the user experience by featuring fast charge technology.
Fast charging compatible devices can be powered 2x times faster than standard wireless charging.

invisa qi einova
invisa-qi einova

Quick Installation

invisa-qi einova

1. Measure

invisa qi einova
invisa qi einova
invisa-qi einova

2. Drill

invisa-qi einova

3. Charge

invisa qi einova
invisa qi einova

LED Indicator

Minimal LED indicator to show wireless charging spot
and help smartphone positioning.

Expansion System

Invisa-Qi and Invisa-Qi Pro expansion system for
mounting doesn't require glue and it ensures top strenght.

Designed in Italy

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