How does wireless charging work?

How does wireless charging work? And how does a stone charge a smartphone? It’s all thanks to a little natural phenomenon that you might remember from science class: electromagnetic induction.

Inside the Charging Stone is a small copper coil. When this coil is crossed by an electric current, it generates a magnetic field. There’s also a copper coil embedded in the back of your smartphone which does the exact opposite: when crossed by a magnetic field, it generates an electric current. And that electric current is what provides power to your phone’s battery.

What is fast charge?

Modern wireless chargers are often equipped with fast charge technology, also known as fast wireless charging. What’s this, you may be asking?

Simply put, recharging speed is directly proportional to the output wattage, and thus to the total power. The more powerful a charger is, the faster it charges; a 15W wireless charger will deliver power much more quickly than a 5W one. (It’s important to remember that the “fast” in fast wireless charging is always relative. Charging your phone via cable will always be the absolute speediest method.)

Additionally, some smartphones are subject to limitations imposed by the manufacturer’s proprietary fast wireless charging protocols. These fast charging standards allow the phone to recharge at the maximum speed indicated in its tech specs — but exclusively with the manufacturer’s own brand of wireless chargers. A mobile device may technically support fast charging, but it can’t always perform at the maximum speeds indicated on the box.

Why you need a stylish wireless charger

You deserve more than another piece of plastic! Designed in Italy, every Einova Charging Stone is crafted from solid genuine marble or other fine stone, a unique piece of art that just happens to be a practical and easy-to-use tech accessory.

Bring a small, beautiful piece of the natural world to your desktop with one of these color and stone variations:

  • White or black marble adds elegance to offices or rooms with classic color schemes; cream-colored or wood-colored marble, on the other hand, fits in with cool Nordic-inspired interiors.
  • Travertine exudes timeless beauty and strength — after all, it’s what the Colosseum and Trevi Fountain are made of.
  • Want something a little more understated? Banded gray sandstone is just the ticket: pure Zen.
  • And finally, lava stone has a dynamic — dare we say explosive? — energy and contributes an interesting textural element to spaces.

The marble or stone wasn’t chosen just for its aesthetic excellence. These materials also act as a natural heat sink, keeping your device cooler during the charging process. The braided cable is durable and strong, integrated into the charger, and in a complementary color to your stone variety.

Is wireless charging safe?

Yes, wireless charging is completely safe. It’s impossible for electromagnetic waves to be released without direct contact between the charger and smartphone.

What’s more, all Einova wireless chargers are Qi certified by the Wireless Power Consortium. And that means you can recharge your Qi compatible devices with complete peace of mind. There’s no risk of damaging your device’s battery.

(Unsure if your phone is Qi compatible? Check out our Qi device compatibility list.)

Want to charge two Qi devices simultaneously?

The Charging Stone is also available as a dual wireless charger. With two Qi wireless charging spots of 10W each embedded in the solid natural marble or stone surface, the Dual Charging Stone can recharge two smartphones, or a smartphone and a pair of wireless earbuds side by side.

To sum up, why is the Einova Charging Stone the ideal stylish wireless charger? You get practical fast charging technology and beauty par excellence Designed in Italy, an essential accessory that effortlessly levels up your home or office.