Why you need a valet tray

A stylish and modern valet tray is one of those household objects you probably didn’t even know you needed. At its simplest, it provides a dedicated space for your everyday pocket accessories, keeping them all together and in sight. Think about it: how many times have you just been about to leave, only to discover your house or car keys were missing?

Well, that’s exactly what a valet tray is for: giving a leg up to those in pursuit of quote-unquote “lost” accessories.

Where to use it

But what is the most strategic place for this important reminder? The possible locations are varied and they obviously influence the choice for the accessory tray’s design and finish. Valet trays for the front entryway are generally nicer and more elegant, as they become a part of the home décor; they are also relatively small and discreet, since they are mainly used to hold keys. Then there are desk organizers, designed to make your work space more functional and tidy whether at the office or working from home. Or even valet trays for the nightstand, ideal for storing all the objects that are part of your evening routine.

That which we present to you today, however, is a modern valet tray, stylish and curated, shaped like a square and with metallic colors, that easily fits into any setting. Above all, however, it’s multi-functional. The Valet Tray, in fact, offers an integrated Qi wireless charging spot and a USB-A port, allowing you to charge two devices simultaneously at your desk, on your nightstand or as a last-minute charging solution before leaving your front door.

Can a valet tray charge my phone and wireless earbuds?

The answer is YES! The Valet Tray is so much more than a simple accessory catchall. The left side of the tray, in fact, is a fast wireless charger that you can use to recharge your smartphone, AirPods or other Qi device (take a look at our Qi compatibility list to see if your phone is Qi compatible).

To recharge your smartphone or wireless earbuds, connect this modern valet tray to wall power with the included power adapter. Then place your Qi device on the left-hand side of the tray, which in fact has a wireless charging spot. You can’t miss it — it’s labeled with the Einova logo and delineated by a rectangular relief. At this point you’ll see that the Qi wireless charging activates automatically! The LED indicator light on the right-hand side of the tray will confirm this. It turns on whenever wireless power is being delivered.

Finding a wireless charger’s “sweet spot” is not always so easy. The smartphone and wireless charger’s embedded charging coil need to be perfectly aligned, otherwise wireless charging can’t begin. But the Valet Tray solves this problem thanks to the presence of three electromagnetic charging coils. In effect, the left side of the tray is all yours — put your phone wherever you want inside this space!

“Did someone say Qi?”

If you’re not completely up to speed on the world wireless charging, never fear! Take a look at this article which explains in full how wireless charging works and what the benefits of a wireless charger are.

Still tied to tradition, at least as far as charging is concerned? It's completely possible to recharge another device via your trusty cable and the extra USB-A port located on the back. So, with just one elegant catchall you can recharge your smartphone and your wireless earbuds and keep your accessories close at hand. Talk about a multitasker!

A modern valet tray for your accessories

We’ve explored the “inner beauty” of the Valet Tray. Seeing as it's a designer valet tray with style to spare, its aesthetics are also important. Square in shape, the Valet Tray measures 7.6 x 7.6 x 1.6 in. It’s available in four different metallic colors: black, gold, graphite and bronze, sophisticated neutrals that look good with everything while adding shine and brilliance to your surfaces. The Valet Tray also has a soft touch finish, pleasant under the fingers. An added benefit of soft touch: excellent performance scratches and temperature changes.

Being both durable and stylish, the Valet Tray is perfect both as a catchall for your front entryway, living room or bedroom, or as a desk organizer. It can hold metal objects safely as well: the two sides of the tray are “independent,” and thus the presence of coins, keys or jewelry on the right side don’t interfere with the wireless charging function. So you can use it wherever you want, and with whatever accessories you choose!

If you want to be crowned a domestic god or goddess, take a look at the minimalist, multifunctional and modern Valet Tray. It’s an easy first step toward making your interior spaces more organized and adding some serenity to your morning routine.