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Our commitment to sustainability

Knowing to change: Our commitment begins with awareness

How does a business become more sustainable?

We asked Up2You, the Italian start-up that has revolutionized the business model of over 200 companies, including ours, by re-educating them about environmental sustainability.

The answer was encouraging. Turning towards better, greener business practices begins with a fundamental first step: becoming aware of your impact.

This is what we have chosen to do. And so far, we are proud of what we have achieved and aware of the challenges that lie ahead.

Einova and carbon neutrality

Calculation, compensation and reduction are the three vital steps in a company's environmental reeducation.


The analysis was carried out on our parent company Eggtronic, owner of the Einova retail brand.

In order to calculate our carbon dioxide emissions, we provided Up2You with data on business activities, from electricity and heating consumption to the energy efficiency level of buildings and employee transportation choices.

Up2You's proprietary software then quantified our emissions - both direct and indirect - and grouped them by sector, identifying those with the greatest impact on the environment.

Infographic of Up2You's calculation of CO2 emissions


Compensation Offsetting one's carbon dioxide emissions means ensuring that the CO2 produced is reabsorbed.

The most effective and immediate method of absorbing carbon dioxide through chlorophyll photosynthesis is through arboreal vegetation and algae.

This is why Einova decided to support three reforestation and coastal protection projects: Katingan Peatland Conservation in Indonesia, Guanaré Forest in Uruguay and Delta Blue Carbon in Pakistan.

Forest conservation project in Indonesia

Forest preservation

Katingan peatland restoration and conservation project


Reforestation project in Uruguay


Guanaré forest plantation project

Uruguay, Guanaré

Coastal preservation project in Pakistan


Delta blue carbon


Einova Carbon Neutral

The result?

In just three months, we offset our entire year's worth of carbon dioxide emissions and achieved carbon neutrality.


If offsetting means putting CO2 into the atmosphere and then reabsorbing it, reducing means polluting less.

Reducing emissions is undoubtedly the most challenging piece of the puzzle. It involves actively changing the way we do business and the choices we make every day. Whether for logistics, suppliers, transportation or energy supply, reducing emissions means starting from the assumption that the easiest, most convenient and cheapest solution is almost always the wrong one for the environment.

Meaningful carbon emission reduction is a long, continuous, never-ending process.

Though this is only the start, we're glad to share the first steps of our journey with you.

Carbon Neutral Company certification
CO2 Blockchain Certified
Verified Carbon Footprint
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