Spring into the Season
with Amazon and Einova

Days are getting longer, temperatures are rising, and the sweet chirping of birds has returned. From our bedroom window, the spectacle of an orange sunset creates an illusion of flying towards new horizons and uncharted lands — despite our continued and unwelcome confinement indoors. Though March 21st may not have brought with it the longed-for breath of fresh air, on the boundless orange of that sky, we can still glimpse a small message of hope…

Yes, Amazon!
Amazon understands how to console its fans during the darkest moments. As is now tradition, Amazon is welcoming spring by opening a window to great deals and discounts, a kind of Black Friday for the middle of the year!

But changing times mean our favorite e-commerce giant must adapt its usual marketing strategy. Deals during this time of year are normally dominated by sport and exercise accessories — jogging suits, barbells, pedometers. But Spring 2021 is a little different and this year, electronics wins hands down. It’s not a bad tradeoff. If our spring awakening has to start quietly this year, at least we get free entry to a virtual carnival in return. And with Amazon’s super discounts, look at what we can do! Equip ourselves to watch our favorite TV series on Netflix, for example. Read the ebook we've been ignoring for months. Get into yoga with video tutorials. Or even take that online cooking course that someone, moved by deep compassion, decided to give us after our culinary… let’s call them experiments (ahem)… during the first lockdown.

Charging Stones

Our stone wireless chargers allow you to simplify everyday charging in style. The Charging Stone is available in marble (black or white), travertine, sandstone and lava stone: an elegant and refined design that meets the excellence of the natural materials. The 10W Fast Charging is quick and intuitive: just place your Qi compatible device on the stone to activate it! Take advantage of 15% off the Charging Stones!

Valet Tray

Our hi-tech accessories tray is the ideal solution to keep keys, wallet, glasses, jewelry at hand, while conveniently charging your smartphone wirelessly at the same time. At home or in the office, a tidy desk is always a great place to start the day! Available in different colors, our wireless charger and valet tray will save you time, space and ... money, with a super discount of 30%!


Who said that superpowers are only found in Marvel movies? Have you ever dreamed of being able to recharge your smartphone by simply placing it on the surface of your table? With Invisa-Qi it's possible: our invisible wireless charger is installed directly inside the wood surface of your table or desk, with a very simple expansion mounting system. To find it on the surface, just rely on the handy sticker — or, in the Pro version, the discreet LED light. Magic? No, technology! And it’s your to enjoy at 15% off.

Power Bank

With our 3-in-1 power bank, you'll soon be able to do it again with peace of mind! With one USB-C port and no less than two USB-A ports: in the 10,000mAh version, charge your smartphone, smartwatch and at the same time. As a wise person once said, "It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey” — and with Einova, you can enjoy the journey that much more. Take advantage of 15% off the Power Bank!

With Einova's wireless chargers, adapters and power banks, step into spring with the perfect amount of energy!