Einova means colour!

As far as brand visual strategy goes, Einova certainly qualifies as untraditional. Most other consumer electronics companies favour neutral shades like white, gray and black, inconspicuous colours that convey a sense of detached professionalism. Technology often means something monochromatic and devoted to functionality in our collective imagination, something far removed from the lush world of aesthetics.

As our slogan Powerful technology, colourful style demonstrates, Einova believes that colours are important! And moreover, our brand colours — magenta, blue and orange — transmit core company values that we believe are important to share with you, our customers and community.

Communication through colour

Colour is an effective form of communication. Neuromarketing (the branch of marketing that uses insights from neuropsychology) knows this well: during those crucial first seconds when we evaluate a purchase, 62–90% of our decision is based on color alone.

Of course, colours do much more than just persuade us to buy things. In everyday life they help us to externalise our moods, reflecting our emotions and arousing them in others. We use them daily to convey messages: when giving a bouquet of flowers, when purchasing a new car (snazzy red convertible, anyone?), when waking up and deciding to put on that bright yellow sweater because we’re in a good mood and we unconsciously want to make others feel good, too.

The colours of Einova’s product categories

All of this is why Einova’s product category colours are an integral part of our identity. Together with their corresponding geometric shapes of a square, triangle or circle, they transmit the spirit and story of Einova products. Moreover, we like to think that the colours reflect the energy and creativity of the Einova team and our constant, enthusiastic pursuit of innovation.

Each combination of shape and colour has a precise meaning. Let’s dive in.

The magenta square, the blue triangle and the orange circle each symbolize one of Einova’s three main product categories
The Einova Charging Stone surrounded by the colour magenta

Magenta is bright and brilliant. Magenta means wow! The colour symbolises luxury and exclusivity, making it ideal for communicating the uniqueness and beauty of Einova wireless chargers and the quality materials that they are made from including marble, sandstone and lava stone.

At the same time, the square is a simple and balanced shape that naturally represents the idea of space — the same space (in our homes and offices) that Einova wireless chargers not only occupy and add functionality to, but beautify as well.

The magenta square thus represents the marriage of design and technology, of beauty and utility. Einova wireless chargers simplify your daily recharging while adding style and elegance.

The Einova Laptop Power Bank surrounded by the colour blue

What comes to mind when you think of the colour blue? Perhaps the ocean, or maybe the blue of the skies that, somewhere over the rainbow, will make your dreams come true. Blue is the colour of freedom, of holidays and vacations. Blue is an earthbound Elysium where you can forget your troubles and cares. Blue contains in it the promise of ease and abandon, the relaxation that entices you to leave the workaday familiar for new horizons.

In short, blue is a metaphor for travel. It’s the perfect colour for Einova’s power banks, which make it possible for you to recharge anywhere without being tethered to a power outlet. The pointed, upward-reaching triangle recalls the ambition and perseverance of those that our power banks are inspired by.

All of these ideas are inherent in the blue triangle. Whether you’re a backpacker using your GPS on the trail or a businessperson running from one meeting to the next, with an Einova power bank, you can pursue your goals with confidence. You’re free to concentrate on your objectives without needing to worry about how or where you’ll recharge your devices.

The Einova Sirius 65 watt power adapter surrounded by the colour orange

The colour orange is vivid and bright. Like the sun and fire, it symbolises power and vitality, whilst the circle is the epitome of fullness, perfection and the infinite. Circularity is also intimately connected to sustainability and renewal, which in the electronics field means energy efficiency. Because of all this, Einova has chosen the orange circle as the symbol for our USB-C power adapters.

Einova power adapters are as powerful as they are environmentally responsible. Thanks to EcoVoltas, Eggtronic’s patented power conversion architecture, the Sirius 65W power adapter can reach 93% energy efficiency rates. In concrete terms, this means that the dispersal of energy during the recharging process is very, very low compared to other power adapters; the potential energy savings would be huge if adopted at scale. The orange circle testifies to Einova’s commitment to making charging more sustainable and respectful of our natural resources.

Over to you: how important are colours to your day-to-day choices? Leave a comment below!