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Eggtronic is now Einova: Big growth, big ideas, and big dreams need a new name. Welcome to EINOVA!

Wireless Charging Stones

59,92 £

Mundus UV-C Pro Sanitizer

111,67 £

mundus uv-c pro sanitizer - discover more about the science

It’s accepted scientific knowledge that UV-C light is a reliable sanitizing method. There are many so-called UV devices out there that cite published scientific papers about the efficacy of UV-C light. But are the devices themselves effective, too? It's impossible to know - they aren't certified by authoritative bodies.

Power Bar

111,67 £

Macworld's Best of 2020 - Einova

Cut the cord with an Instagram-worthy wireless charger for your Apple iPhone, AirPods and Watch.

Sirius 65W

74,92 £

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Qi Wireless Charging Compatible Devices

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