Has it ever occurred to you that your phone and laptop could use the same power adapter? And that it could be as small as a regular phone charger? If so, let us reintroduce Sirius 65W, a universal charger with Power Delivery protocol for all USB-C devices up to 65W. It only sends your connected device exactly as much power as it requires. The charger was introduced in 2018 under the Eggtronic label, a brand known today as Einova.

Sirius 65W’s adaptable design incorporates features that set it apart from other USB-C chargers. First, it’s the only charger designed to hug the wall with laterally folding prongs. It’s also pocket-sized, designed with the needs of travelers in mind. And finally, subtle details in the body shape and variant colors anticipate Einova’s visual style. Ready to be amazed by the design of Sirius 65W?

Parallel to the wall

Sirius 65W is the only universal USB-C charger that plugs in flush to the wall and is equipped with laterally folding prongs (which we’ll delve into more deeply a little later).

Sirius 65W equipped with folding prongs

Why flush to the wall? You've probably struggled with those bulky PC power bricks with built-in DC cables — the ones that weigh nearly as much as the laptop they're supposed to charge. Apart from being heavy and inconvenient to transport, good luck if your power outlet is behind the sofa! It’s almost inevitable that the prongs get bent, jeopardizing not only the power brick's functionality and safety, but also that of the device being charged.

And so Eggtronic’s product designers developed one of the Sirius 65W's most distinctive features. When plugged in, the charger hugs the wall, taking up very little extra space. The parallel orientation for a 65W charger was unique in the consumer electronics industry at the time of the product’s release in 2018. Almost four years later, it is still a game-changing design that few other USB-C chargers on the market have been able to replicate.

Watch the video to see Sirius 65W in action.


One of the main design goals was to keep Sirius 65W as small as possible. The charger's tiny dimensions, along with the laterally prongs, would make it a perfect all-in-one portable charging option for a variety of USB-C devices.

Yet there was one further consideration. Since Sirius 65W was also meant to charge laptops, it had to be able to concentrate more power within the charger’s limited size. In technical terms, this characteristic is called power density. Eggtronic surmounted this technical challenge by using EcoVoltas, its groundbreaking power conversion architecture. At the time of its launch in 2018, Sirius 65W was the smallest power adapter of its kind on the market – small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

Sirius 65W fits inside your back pocket

Folding prongs

The lateral direction of the prong folding acts as a stabilizing force, working with the flush body design to ensure that the charger remains firmly embedded in the wall socket. Additionally, because the prongs can be neatly tucked away, the charger is easy to travel with and doesn’t snag on fabric.

Sirius 65W’s USB-C cable

Removable USB-C cable

The compact size and folding prongs are two facets of the charger’s travel-friendly design. But that’s not all. The included USB-C cable is removable and comes with a Velcro-like fastener that lets you loop it up and avoid tangles. Thanks to these features, stashing the power adapter and the cable in a purse or backpack (and retrieving it later) becomes even easier.

Shapes and colors

Functionality and how to fully leverage the full capabilities of a given technology are frequently prioritized over other factors when building a product. This is particularly true in the field of consumer electronics. However, additional qualities of a product's uniqueness can be communicated through product design. It's like a signature, made up of forms and colors, that instantly recognizes the company and its visual strategy.

We delve more deeply into the meaning behind the colors and shapes of Einova elsewhere. Here, we’ll briefly note some of the ways that Eggtronic’s thoughtful design choices foreshadow the Einova brand’s visual style display willingness to go against the grain.

Sirius 65W Speckled black

Speckled black

Eggtronic went with a classic glossy white and a matte soft touch black for Sirius 65W. However, the black isn’t completely uniform. Instead, it is finely speckled, similar to how the sky is speckled with stars. You’ve probably already noticed that Sirius 65W is named after the brightest star in the sky. Both of these galactic resonances allude to the charger's remarkable universality.

Sirius 65W has gently beveled corners, giving it the shape of a rounded square.

Beveled edges

Look closely at the length. You’ll see that the long edges are gently beveled, softening and harmonizing the charger’s contour and improving the ergonomics.

Sirius 65W has anti-fingerprint coating

Anti-fingerprint coating

Eggtronic created a monomolecular shield to add to the soft touch finish, improving the look and performance of the speckled black. This anti-fingerprint coating repels grease and water and gives the charger a clean matte appearance.

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