Quality Policy

Eggtronic Engineering Spa Quality Policy

The senior management of Eggtronic Engineering Spa establishes the quality policy herein and commits itself to keeping it updated and applicable. This quality policy expresses the fundamental traits of the entrepreneurial formula through the following high-level values and objectives.

Eggtronic Engineering Spa aspires to revolutionize the power conversion sector. Power conversion is crucial for the current and future world, and Eggtronic Engineering Spa is proud to make its own particular contribution towards higher efficiency and better performance in terms of environmental impact and CO2 emissions.

Furthermore and more generally, Eggtronic Engineering Spa aims to bring these benefits to technology, people, and the planet.

Eggtronic Engineering Spa actualizes these ambitious goals through two categories of its products: power converters and wireless power transfer systems.

In support of this quality policy as well as in support of diffusion of these products, Eggtronic Engineering Spa pledges itself to the following guidelines:

  1.  Technical and engineering matters are managed separately from product development, guaranteeing well-structured innovation that comes as the result of a methodical process and enhances the ideas of both individual collaborators and the team in a controlled and targeted manner.
  2.  Research activities are conducted in pursuit of ever-better energy efficiency for its products, thus contributing to a reduction of CO2 emissions and, in general, reducing the environmental impact of human activity.
  3.  Misinformation related to the world of energy causes governments, companies, and end consumers to make poor choices. Through its communications activities, Eggtronic Engineering Spa works to dispel this misinformation and diffuse sound scientific knowledge in its place.
  4.  The senior management of Eggtronic Engineering Spa commits to reviewing its quality objectives at minimum annually, using this as a tool for the continuous improvement of its quality management system as well as for the operational implementation of the contents of the quality policy herein.
  5.  The senior management of Eggtronic Engineering Spa assumes responsibility for the effectiveness of this quality management system, for achieving its quality goals, for defining how the results will be evaluated and for ensuring that the necessary technical and human resources will be assigned to achieve it.
  6.  This quality policy is subject to constant effort by management and its delegated personnel to ensure that it is properly communicated, understood, shared, and applied by those employees whose duties influence Eggtronic Engineering Spa’s products and services.

This quality policy is available to interested parties upon request, or on the company websites www.eggtronic.com or www.einova.com.

Modena (MO) Italy, 25 July 2021
For Eggtronic Engineering Spa

Chief Executive Officer