5 ideas for Father's Day

Classic or modern, give him an Einova wireless charger and simplify his daily recharge — and his life with technology.

Happy Father's Day from Einova!

How many times have you felt like Steve Jobs just because your dad asked you how the touch screen on his brand new smartphone worked? Or Rami Malek in Mr Robot after simply updating his password?

You’re a tech savvy digital native. Give the father figure in your life a helping hand! At Einova, we firmly believe that technology should be within everyone's reach. Below, check out these 5 gift ideas that are perfect for dads everywhere.

Charging Stones

This wireless charger is the ideal gift for dads with a keen sense of aesthetics. Its elegant and refined design is sure to win him over, available in marble (white or black), travertine, sandstone or lava stone. Recent studies show that, thanks to the exceptional authenticity and solidity of the raw material, our stone transmits an immediate sense of well-being and satisfaction in those who contemplate it! Using the Charging is intuitive and easy: connect the integrated cable to a power outlet, then simply lay your smartphone on the stone: the 10W fast charging activates immediately. How could it be simpler? Whether it's a classic solid wood table in the living room or a modern glass desk in the office, the Charging Stone will convince even the most techno-skeptical dads!

Valet Tray

"Where are my keys?" "How is it possible that everything in this house disappears?" … Sound familiar? If so, this hi-tech storage tray is for you, or rather, for him! In addition to fast 10W wireless charging and intuitive alignment, he’ll enjoy the convenience of finally being able to have all his personal items at hand. While charging his smartphone, your lucky dad can also keep a close eye on his keys, wallet, pocketknife, and corny knickknacks of immense sentimental value (and dubious utility). You'll never be accused of kleptomania again!

Sirius 65W

With this universal power adapter, traveling dads will no longer have an excuse not to make the most of technology. Our universal charger is compatible with all USB-C devices. Plus it has the great advantage of ergonomic versatility: the cable is removable and the plug folds away when not in use. The clever design means that the charger is flush to the wall when plugged in, saving space and remaining securely attached to the socket. And thanks to its outstanding energy efficiency, giving Sirius is not only a gesture of love for dads, but also for the environment.


Our UV-C disinfection box with a wireless charging spot is the ideal solution for those who want to take care of their loved ones. We all know that, now more than ever, it’s important to protect ourselves from viruses and bacteria, especially for the (*cough*) not-so-young. Just think of how many times during the course of the day you touch your phone or house keys. Not to mention the personal accessories like watches or wedding rings. If everyday objects are a receptacle of germs, how then can we live in peace? The solution comes from science: UV-C rays are capable of destroying 99.99% of viruses and bacteria. Inside the Mundus, they are combined with ozone and titanium dioxide for even more effective, Covid-proof disinfection. After sanitizing their smartphone, your dads can conveniently charge it on the surface of the case — wirelessly!

Power Popper

If you’ve Skyped or FaceTimed your parents this past year, then you've definitely experienced some less-than-Oscars video quality. And this goes double when Dad is trying to video chat via the front-facing camera on his phone. Keeping it stabilized and balanced is not so easy — and that's why the Power Popper is a breakthrough. This convenient wireless power bank for smartphones is both a charger and a practical phone stand. So how does it work? Just stick the Power Popper to the back of your phone, then prop it up vertically or horizontally via the ring holder that doubles as a phone kickstand. To optimize charging, we recommend that you combine it with a Qi compatible cover. With the Power Popper, though Dad may be far away, his dad jokes will still come through crystal clear.