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Eggtronic Holding Inc.

333 Bush Street, Suite 2020 San Francisco, CA, 94104 United States of America +1 415-228-9989


100 West Broadway, Suite 3000 Long Beach, CA 90802 United States of America


广州市天河区 建中路66号西塔603室


Born in 2012 con Founded


Hub it

Our first success was awarded one of the best products of the year at CES in Las Vegas


First Awards

Chosen as one of the best five technology startups during the TechMatch world conference in Bratislava



Our second success, the world's smallest laptop power supply


Series A Investment

Rinkelberg Capital (TomTom) joins as major shareholder

Who we are

Eggtronic is a truly disruptive worldwide power electronics company, founded and headquartered in Modena, Italy. Eggtronic’s innovative B2B projects and consumer products (available under the retail brand Einova) are redefining the future of eco-friendly, power dense, and stylish personal tech charging.

What We Do

Eggtronic specializes in the design and production of high quality consumer electronics and B2B electronic design, with a particular focus on ultra energy-efficient power conversion. Einova products exploit the technology developed by the Eggtronic B2B and research divisions, each symbiotically helping the other to grow and improve.

Eggtronic R&D - Einova Design

Original research is the beating heart of Eggtronic’s consumer products and B2B projects. Our electronic and mechatronic engineering team has earned over 200 internationally recognized patents to date and counting.
Working side by side, Einova product designers incorporate the technological innovations and insights from Eggtronic R&D into our award-winning consumer products.

Why Einova

Empowered People. Empowered Tech. Empowered Planet. Smartly designed and beautiful to behold, Einova’s eco-friendly charging devices and accessories give you the power you need, wherever you need it — at home, at work, or on the go.