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Smart vehicle solutions, to enhance your driving experience: advanced integrated wireless charger, wireless data communication channel over power, smart infotainment system.

Wireless Charging

Eggtronic wireless charging solution for the automotive field includes a 15W ready automotive-grade wireless charger, designed to be embedded in cars. Lots of unique and advanced features.

Data over Power

Wireless and data transfer between the phone and the car. Now based on advanced inductive technology, in the next future will be available with Eggtronic innovative capacitive technology.


New infotainment system architecture to close the gap between automotive and consumer industry. The phone is the core of the system. Virtually infinite apps, lower HW costs, easy updates.

Wireless Charging

In-car charging is one of the most useful applications of wireless charging technology. With wireless charging you don’t need to plug the cable into your phone. Just lay your phone on the pad surface to start charging.

Qi wireless charging technology guarantees long-term reliability, large smartphone compatibility (including the new iPhone XS, XS Max and XR), and fast charging speed.

Eggtronic has developed a 15W automotive-grade wireless charger, designed to be embedded in cars, with lots of unique and advanced features that guarantee top performances.



  • Compatible with the Qi 1.2.4 Standard
  • Triple-coil board, for a wide free positioning area. Lay the smartphone on the charging pad with no need of paying attention to the smartphone positioning. Free positioning also ensures charging when the car is subjected to strong accelerations or decelerations that cause the smartphone to move.
  • Easily Customizable Charging status LED and sound indicator.
  • Enhanced power supply to ensure wireless charging during crank.
  • Rugged overvoltage and ESD Protection.
  • Battery reverse voltage protection.
  • Enhanced Foreign Object Detection (FOD) – detect objects before the power transfer.
  • Fully compliant with CISPR-25 Class 4 (5W) and Class 3 (15W).
  • Fixed frequency power transfer for the best compatibility with the vehicle environment.
  • Compact design for easy embedding in the vehicle. The small PCB gives complete freedom and flexibility to the car interior designers.



  • NEW – Fast 15W Wireless Charger – 3 times faster than current automotive wireless chargers.
  • NEW – Compatible with with 7.5W Apple Fast Charge algorithms.
  • NEW – Full Compatibility with Samsung 10W Wireless Fast Charge – 2 times faster than actual Qi standard – compatible with more than 200 million existing devices in 2018.
  • NEW and UNIQUE – User ID recognition for automatic car setup (seats, steering wheel, automatic launcher of apps, and more).
  • NEW – Native and customizable support for CAN, LIN, RS-232 protocols for interconnection with vehicle systems.

Data over Power

Eggtronic automotive solutions also include Data over Power system. This new patented data channel over power allows to wirelessly connect and supply every I/O, sensor and actuator to the car.

This helps car manufacturers solve three big issues:

  • Wear and oxidation of contacts.
  • Wiring on rotating and moving parts (as the steering wheel or the tires).
  • Damages due to hostile environment (for cameras, LIDAR and parking sensors, air pressure or flow sensors).


Eggtronic new approach with Data over Power can solve these problems. No cables and contacts allow total rotational freedom and no mechanical wear or oxidation.

Now based on advanced inductive technology, in the next future will be available with Eggtronic innovative capacitive technology. Discover more on the dedicated page.


ESI is a completely new infotainment architecture developed and patented by Eggtronic, conceived to overcome all the well-known limitations of the existing IVI solutions.

Obsolete hardware, car specific system updates, complex and time consuming development, limited and soon outdated apps ecosystem are just few of those limitations.

Eggtronic aims to solve these issues, always bringing the latest consumer innovations into the vehicle. ESI guarantees a consumer-like user experience over the years, ensuring the best performance both in hardware and software.

How? Moving all the power-demanding and non safety-critical application into the user’s smartphone. Smartphones feature the most recent hardwares, and offer quick and simple software updates.

But ESI is much more. Using the wireless charger as a trigger, ESI can customize car settings according to user preferences, and start Bluetooth™ or Wi-Fi™ connections. ESI does not offer just a simple mirroring of the smartphone screen, but it’s intended for the use in a multiscreen environment. The smartphone acts like a server, and is able to provide a specific content independently to each display installed on-board.

Main Advantages:

  • Up-to-date for the entire vehicle lifetime.
  • OTA updates as simple as with apps.
  • Low in-vehicle computational power required: low cost.
  • Keep pace with latest consumer trends.
  • Scalable from low cost to high-end vehicles.
  • Contents and customized UI/car settings in the user’s pocket.