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Christmas sale 2021

Einova Sales

6 min.

Natasha Drake, December 15th, 2021

Einova Sales

6 min.

Natasha Drake, December 15th, 2021

10 tech gift ideas for design lovers
Cool ideas for a stylish, high-tech holiday.

Christmas sale 2021

Tech is all around us! To ring in the holiday season, check out these ten great tech gift ideas just for design lovers. The outstanding products in this gift guide are not only supremely useful pieces of technology, they also elevate their niche with style and uniqueness.

Christmas sale 2021

SENNHEISER Momentum True Wireless 2 earbuds

Wireless earbuds are the new frontier in sound: comfy and discreet, they're much less bulky than headphones and allow you to listen to music anywhere, without the peskiness of tangled cables. The latest models feature Active Noise Cancellation technology, so you can drop into a world of music with no bothersome background noise bleeding in.

We recommend the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2. Their design stands out from other AirPods-style ones thanks to an appealing case covered in fabric. Combine that with Sennheiser’s legendary audio quality (7 millimeter audio drivers) and the touch pad technology built into each earbud surface, you have an excellent gift that lets you get your groove on without sacrificing style and originality.

$187.75 on Amazon

Tile Pro Bluetooth tracker

How often do you misplace your keys? Your phone? This gadget is a genuine lifesaver for the more forgetful among us.

Getting started is simple. Attach the Tile to your keyring, then download the free Tile app (Android/iPhone). When you need to find your keys, open the app and tap Find. Thanks to Bluetooth, the Tile on your keyring will ring when it's within a whopping 400 ft radius. If it's further away, you can locate it via GPS on your phone.

But that's not all. If your smartphone’s gone MIA, just double press your keyring Tile to call your phone — and yes, this even works when your phone’s on silent.

All this is wrapped in an elegant design. Tile Pro is a simple and above all useful stocking stuffer, great for everyone on your list.

$27.99 on Amazon

Christmas sale 2021

Mundus by Einova UV-C Smartphone Sanitizer & Qi Wireless Charger

The Einova Mundus is the perfect combination of high-tech design and the help you need to protect your loved ones. The sanitizer’s cover is much more than just a cover — it’s also a 10W fast wireless charging spot for all Qi compatible devices, including iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Bluetooth speakers and more (check out the compatibility list).

But don’t forget to lift up that fast-charging lid: inside you’ll find a 99.999% effective disinfecting device certified by the EPA and independent laboratories Intertek and Gmicro. Surface viruses and bacteria are destroyed in just one 8-minute cycle.

The design of Mundus is understated and sleek. Unlike most other sanitizing devices on the market, Mundus can also be used as an elegant place to store your accessories, a complement to any kind of interior design, both at home or at the office. In these uncertain times, a small feeling of safety is a gift anyone and everyone will appreciate.

$89.99 on

Christmas sale 2021

Kindle Paperwhite e-reader

Here’s a brilliant — in all senses of the word — idea for the bookworms in your life. Picking up the latest page turner no longer requires physically hauling oneself to a bookstore or library. Instead, the lucky recipient of the Kindle can get it as an e-book and immediately start turning those virtual pages. But that’s not all. The Kindle can hold hundreds of books simultaneously, making it a truly essential travel companion: unlimited beach reads!

While there are other e-readers out there, we love the Kindle’s design and truly exceptional performance. Specs of note include a 10% brighter screen, water resistance and a thickness of only 8 mm. Plus, the battery lasts up to 10 weeks with an average of 30 minutes a day reading time and can recharge via USB-C port.

$139.99 on Amazon

Christmas sale 2021

DJI Pocket 2 Creator Combo hi-def pocket camera

Here’s a tech gift that Gen Z design lovers will use all year long, the DJI Pocket 2 pocket-sized video camera. Especially made for vlogging and immortalizing everything Instagrammable, the camera’s design is the real reason it shines. Stash it away in your handbag or backpack. The camera is so small, it fits in the palm of your hand.

What’s more, despite the ultra-small dimensions, the gadget offers a 4K/60fps video resolution and movement stabilization. It’s also perfect for taking pics and selfies and can easily be recharged via USB-C port. All in all, highly recommended for anyone whose New Year’s resolution is to level up their social content!

$499 on Amazon

JALVDE Cordless Table Lamp

We couldn’t not mention this enlightening tech gift idea! The JALVDE rechargeable LED lamp offers 2 different brightness settings. During the day it’s a great white light desk lamp for studying and doing homework; at night, the warm light creates a cozy and relaxing atmosphere, ideal for peaceful dreaming.

The lamp’s biggest advantage is its practical design: the internal battery and USB-C port means that it doesn't need to be constantly plugged in. As a result, it can be easily moved about from room to room, or (why not?) used outdoors as a camping lamp.

$49.99 on Amazon

Christmas sale 2021

Einova Sirius 65W Universal Charger

All of these hi-tech designer gift ideas need to be recharged at some point! Sirius 65W is a universal power supply for devices with a USB-C port. Use it to charge anything with a Type-C port, from your smartphone, computer, tablet, camcorder, portable lamp... What else makes it special? Again, the design. The charger is small enough to fit in your pocket and has folding prongs that lets the device hug the wall when plugged in. Sirius 65W takes up very little space behind furniture — it’s a great tech gift idea for the space-saving obsessed.

$69.99 at

Apple HomePod mini smart speakers

Every family, it seems, has their resident Apple addict, the iEverything superfan that never misses an opportunity to add the next hot gadget from Cupertino to their collection. There’s no shortage of high tech design gift ideas for this person, from iPhone covers, to Apple Watch straps, to the Smart Folio for iPad mini.

But if you want to opt for something more cozy? We recommend the HomePod mini. It’s the perfect speaker to help you rock around the Christmas tree thanks to the rich 360-degree sound. And with Siri built in, Apple’s voice assistant can guide you through recipes verbally while your hands are busy mixing cookie dough.

The HomePod mini comes in a variety of colors and recharges via USB-C port. While Apple includes a 20W power supply in the package, if you’re looking for something that can power up all your Apple devices, read on!

$99 on

Christmas sale 2021

Einova Power Bar MFi-certified wireless power bank

The Power Bar from Einova is an MFi-certified wireless power bank that solves Apple device power and compatibility problems in one fell swoop. You can use this nifty, versatile charging gadget in two different ways. It’s both a multi-device wireless charging dock and an 10,000mAh external battery to juice up while away from home. The design is compact, functional, and easy to carry.

The device charges up to four Apple devices at the same time (two 7.5W Qi spots, for iPhone and AirPods, an Apple Watch charging spot, and a 30W USB-C port for the wired recharging of MacBook Air, iPad and more). The spot for Apple Watch has two different positions: raised, it optimizes space during charging and doesn’t get in the way of devices on Qi spots; lowered, it’s flush to the body of the power bank, perfect for when you’re on the go.

$149.99 on

Christmas sale 2021

Einova Charging Stone

We’ve saved the best for last. The Charging Stone by Einova is the ne plus ultra for Qi chargers: a Qi-certified wireless charging base made of genuine marble or stone.

In addition to quickly charging smartphones or Bluetooth headphones with a 10W fast charge, it’s a stunning object of design. Whether you choose one of the four marble variations (black, white, wood-colored, or cream), travertine, sandstone or lava stone, each one tells a different story and adds a touch of elegance and originality to your decor.

While the Charging Stone is a high-tech gift idea perfect for aesthetes, comfort-seekers will also adore it: simply place your smartphone on the stone to recharge it wirelessly. It can't be simpler than that!

$59.99 on

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